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    Ricochet is a group of bilingual coaches (French-English) with the mission of accompanying individuals and groups in developing their potential while successfully effecting desired change.


    Often used in the Sports’ World, the etymology of coaching gets its meaning from “guiding” or directing a team of horses (think “stagecoach”).


    With a strong orientation towards results, the coach leads people toward their objectives while respecting their values and hopes and taking into account their environment and surrounding reality.


    Sometimes described as a “therapist for those who are doing well”, the coach, throughout the sessions, helps each person awaken to new understandings and convictions in a context that is both kind and respectful.


    These new insights and understandings, essential elements for successful coaching, become the individual’s guide, and even the trigger, for mobilizing his/her resources, energy and all the creativity needed to achieve pre-determined objectives.


    Since each coach is unique because of his/her life path and experiences, we want to encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation in order to find a coach suitable to your profile and who can meet your particular needs.


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    "All we have to decide is what to do with the time

    that is given us"


    J.R.R. Tolkien










  • Team Ricochet

    "Alone, one goes faster. Together, we go further."

    Amélie LeBerrigaud * Brady Smith * Marlène Rossi

  • Our coaches

    Amélie Le Berrigaud

    Her strengths:

    Entrepreneurial spirit

    Warm character

    Contagious energy



    Her expertise:

    Result-oriented action

    Team coaching

    Sports & coaching


    Her personality:

    Positive and enthusiastic

    Sincere and joyful

    Brady Smith

    His strengths:






    His expertise:

    Group facilitation

    Talent management

    Intergeneration relationships


    His personality:

    Fun and generous

    Present and reliable

    Marlène Rossi

    Her strengths:

    Empathetic ear





    Her expertise:

    Individual coaching

    Career/ culture transition

    Awakening talents


    Her personality:

    Warm and open


  • Our approach









    "A long silence in a little space seems to be, at times, the secret to happiness."






    Active Listening


    "Speaking is a need. Listening?

    A talent."









    "Modesty and gentle kindness are virtues that give more friends than riches can and more credibility than power"



  • Our services










  • Individual coaching

    Let your hidden resources immerge.


    “Kindness without indulgence”


    Individual coaching is for those people (managers, employees, individuals) desirous of initiating a change on a personal or professional level.


    The areas where individual coaching can be used are extremely vast.


    Thanks to the distinct profiles of our 3 coaches, Ricochet can accompany you through different situations, most notably when it comes to improving your performance, obtaining new competencies, improving relationships or dealing with periods of transition. Our coaches are gifted for working with several different clienteles (for example, expatriates, managers, executives and teens).


    Contact us for more details.


  • Team coaching

    For increased effectiveness.


    "More than simply “consolidating” the team"


    Team coaching is a specific coaching skill.


    It is quite a complex process for it must take into account not only the individual but the group itself as an entity. In contrast to individual coaching, it is the group that becomes the center of attention.


    The goal is for the team to function effectively together.


    Ricochet can accompany you through when you do Team Building or plan Seminars/Workshops.


    Contact-us for more details.

  • Walking retreats

    Walking to find your true self


    "The only way to know how far you can go is to start walking…”


    Everyone agrees: There is nothing better than a good walk in the middle of nature, “taking in” all that surrounds you, to fortify the body and liberate the spirit. The human body was created for walking. This activity will do you good!


    Beyond the physical benefits, walking is a state of mind that nearly becomes a philosophy.
    Step by step, our minds are sharpened.


    It is for all these healthful and serene reasons that Ricochet has naturally put walking at the heart of its personal development retreats.


    Check out our "Our retreats section" or "contact-us" for more details.


    About our walking retreats





    Why choose


    What are the











    "The only way to know how far you can go is to start walking…”


    Henri Bergson









  • Finding your true self

    Why choose walking?

    Professors, philosophers and lovers of walking all agree on this point: There is nothing better than a good walk in the middle of nature, “taking in” all that surrounds you, to fortify the body and liberate the spirit.


    Breathing and renewing, eliminating toxins from the body, improving your form, cardio-vascular health, reducing stress… The list of virtues inherent to a good walk is quite long and its benefits are evident.


    The human body was genetically created for walking. This outdoor activity does good to people of all ages. The simplicity of walking is also an advantage, for one needs only put on some good walking shoes and hit the path!


    Beyond the physical benefits, walking is a state of mind that nearly becomes a philosophy. Step by step, our minds are sharpened.


    More prosaically, while waling, the hiker rediscovers the simple joys such as the pleasure of exertion, the enjoyment of a picnic meal or the benefits of a good rest.


    Far from the everyday routine that can be rocky, or sedentary, or deskbound, walking in nature moves us forward and takes out of the patterns of our daily lives. Time slows down, giving way to contemplation and gratefulness that the beauty of the landscapes offers us.


    Reinforced by these values, Ricochet naturally puts walking at the heart of its Personal-Development retreats.


  • Highlights of the day








    Every day, we will invite you to reflect on a theme, giving you something to ponder on as you walk the paths.





    Your steps will set the pace. It will be up to you to live this moment alone or share it with others.




    Each evening, you will be invited to share the fruit of your thoughts in a kind and respectful environment.

  • 2019 destinations



    Val d'Hérens

    Valais, Suisse

    2,5 days, from 500 CHF

    Half-pension in a boutique hotel

    1, 2 and 3rd of Nov 2019



    *YOGA & MEDITATION* incl.


    Belle île en Mer

    Bretagne, France

    5 days, from 1350 CHF

    Half-pension in a coastal cottage

    Next dates to be defined

  • Val d'Hérens

  • Belle île en Mer

    Dates to be defined


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